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Month: October, 2015

Currently… Thinking about haircare

SAM_3263Yep I know, what an exciting thing to think about. But, since I travelled around Canada with no haircare except shampoo and conditioner and consequently had to have three inches of my hair chopped off, I decided it was important.  So now I’ve spent a bit of time making sure I keep my hair in a healthy condition, and I may have even cracked it. Read the rest of this entry »


Currently… Reading ‘Asking For It’


‘Asking For It’ gives a chilling glance into the enduring misogyny in Western culture, not only through it’s stark presentation of rape culture but also how sexism affects the daily lives of teenage girls. I first heard about this novel from youtubers Sanne (@booksandquills) and Rosianna (@papertimelady), their reviews are excellent and I knew I had to get my hands on a copy as soon as it was released. Read the rest of this entry »

Canadian Rockies Adventure (Part 2)

So whilst in Banff, we stayed in a hostel in the town centre. It was definitely a cheap and cheerful option, Banff International hostel was not the nicest of hostels but did the job of being our temporary base for visiting the national parks. Personally I prefer staying in apartments or rented accommodation when I travel, as I feel this gives the most independence, but because of our lack of planning we ended up with the hostel. (Note: the kitchen always smelt terrible, I don’t understand why. but the place was clean overall). Banff is the definition of a tourist trap, neighbouring Canmore appeared more local, from what we saw when we visited. Be prepared to cook if you want to stay on a budget!

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The Beauty of Canada’s Great Outdoors (Part 1)

After finishing my semester in Toronto, some friends and I decided to take the trip west to the Canadian Rockies. None of us being particularly well organised or knowledgeable about the area, the trip was a bit rushed and at times hilariously ill thought out, but I reckon that added to our experience and made it so much more memorable. Read the rest of this entry »