Lazy [Saturday] Afternoon: Broadway Market, London

by Weekendliving

So I’m back, after a particularly long break from blogging to focus on dissertation writing and finishing my degree. I have so many plans for this blog and I really can’t wait to get back into things. I especially want to make the most of London whilst I’m here, revisiting my favourite spots and also exploring new areas, and hopefully sharing all of these travel experiences with you.

This weekend it was all about relaxing after months of non stop university stress, so I headed down to Broadway Market, a great and relatively local-orientated market that has a nice, relaxed atmosphere and some seriously great food stalls. It also sells records, clothes, some beautiful art and crafts, and a whole range of other interesting things. This is not a budget friendly market, it’s most definitely a London market, so bring a full wallet as well as an empty stomach. However, if like me you’re a student, or just generally on a budget, there are some great, less expensive snacks to be had. The atmosphere alone is worth the trip, especially on sunny summer days.



This stall had amazing, good quality croquetas, and at £2.50 each, I thought they were good value and surprisingly filling.


These brownies are just on another level, you can find them at a few markets around London now, and they have very interesting flavour combinations (don’t knock the maple and bacon ones until you’ve tried them)



Even if you can’t make it to the market on the Saturday, East London is still a great place to explore, and the street that houses Broadway Market also has some interesting permanent shops, from bookshops to clothing stores and some great restaurant and food shops. Over the recent years it’s seen a lot of gentrification, and hipster-ification (if that’s a word), but still has a lot of character and is great way to explore a different side of London to the usual touristy spots in Central London.


Practical Information

Getting there: The nearest station is Cambridge Heath, which is on the overground, and you can get there by Liverpool Street. On the underground, Bethnal Green is about a 20 minute walk and there also plenty of buses.

Opening Times: Saturday, 9am-5pm