Currently… Wanting skin with a glow

by Weekendliving


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a fan of hot weather, and much prefer winter to summer. One thing I don’t like about summer is the way it makes my pale skin look. I don’t know whether it’s the SPF I have to cake onto my face or the stark summer sunlight, but my skin always looks unhappy and unhealthy.

This moisturiser is a great remedy for that, and I’m so pleased I decided to give it a try. Over the past few weeks it has added such a gorgeous, natural glow to my face, I haven’t even bothered with highlighter – an extra bonus when it gets hotter and I want to wear less and less makeup. The texture is like a sorbet rather than a cream, it’s very light and cooling on the skin. Although I wouldn’t use this at night time, I need a more heavy duty moisturiser for then, it’s a great option for my combination skin during the day.

The effect is really remarkable too. It’s not shiny, I don’t look greasy or sweaty, but it catches the light beautifully, and gives me that glow boost that a tan would usually achieve (I just cannot tan at all). The best thing is that I have noticed this isn’t just a superficial change to my skin, like if I was using a primer or a highlighter. The Vitamin C in the cream has made a difference to my skin’s appearance, making it look brighter and a bit more even. Overall I’ve been really happy with the way my skin has been looking recently, as we approach summer – although it’s been really hot in London over the past couple of weeks – and I have to thank this amazing moisturiser for that!

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser: £16 (but I managed to grab it in a sale, with 40% off)