by Weekendliving

It was a beautifully sunny morning when we visited Pimlico, an ultra exclusive residential area in London with some of the best stocked charity shops in the city. On this occasion I was unsuccessful in my search for designer bargains, but Pimlico is still a lovely, peaceful area to explore – especially with the weather being so nice. Head to Warwick Way for the best selection of charity shops, and from there get lost in the weaving side streets of beautiful houses.

We also had some great lunch at Khallouk and Taylor, a little cafe tucked away between the rows of terraced mansions. A thing that did surprise me was the noticeable lack of coffee shops and nieces restaurants in the area, there is a small selection but I could count all of the eateries on two hands I think. We struck very lucky with Khallouk and Taylor. Their food was really fresh, with great homemade pizzas and amazing quiche with filo crust and crammed with filling.